Conferences Supported


Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA)


ABMRF provides support to the Annual Meeting of the RSA to support travel awards for promising, young investigators at the meeting ground for scientists in the broad areas of alcoholism and alcohol-related problems.


Gordon research Conference (GRC)


The Foundation awards funding to GRC for support of the Alcohol and the Nervous System Conference that will provide a unique forum to bring together a diverse range of young and established alcohol researchers, and experts in complementary fields. The conference will cover a broad range of studies at the molecular, cellular, circuit/systems and behavioral level, with particular emphasis on multidisciplinary work and innovative approaches.



International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ISBRA)

The Foundation is pleased support ISBRA's mission to promote excellence internationally in all aspects of biomedical research on alcoholism and alcohol related biomedical phenomena.