Worldwide Impact

The Foundation's Communications Department monitors the wealth of alcohol research from around the globe, communicates with the scientific community, and responds to requests for information concerning alcohol research from students, scientists, and the general public. 

ABMRF/The Foundation for Alcohol Research has supported many research conferences, scientific seminars, and workshops bringing together researchers from many nations to exchange recent findings and develop new ideas. Proceedings have been published in major research journals or individual monographs. Topics have included: 

  • Alcohol, Society and the Determinants of Health;
  • Alcohol Consumption and Indigenous People;
  • Genetics and Alcohol;
  • North American Conference on Alcohol and Highway Safety;
  • Life Transitions and Alcohol Consumption;
  • Alcohol and Cardiovascular Disease.

Interface with Alcohol Research Scientific Societies

The Foundation also provides support for seminars at scientific meetings hosted by other organizations such as the International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ISBRA) and the Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA). Support to RSA is given for the Research Society on Alcoholism Annual Scientific Meeting, which provides an opportunity for researchers, clinicians, and students to interact and present their latest findings. Foundation funding to the RSA goes toward Student Merit and Junior Investigator Awards, so that the newest members of the research community are able to attend the meeting.
IMAG: The Foundation's Signature Conference

Foundation conference funds primarily support the International Medical Advisory Group (IMAG) conference. The IMAG is an annual meeting that presents various topics in current alcohol research and brings together scientists and industry representatives from around the world.

Read about topics featured at recent IMAGs:


37th IMAG Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), Alcohol and the Liver, Biology and Neurobiology of Drinking, Underage Drinking Prevention


36th IMAG Binge Drinking, Heavy Alcohol Intake Episodes, Pharmacological Treatments, Alcoholic Liver disease, Alcohol and Cardiology, Alcohol and Cancer 


"Mini" IMAG: A Briefing Session Underage and College Drinking, Medications to Treat Alcoholism, Fatty Liver Disease and Cirrhosis

35th IMAG Metabolism of Alcohol, Effects of Alcohol on Neural Stem Cells, Behavioral Responses to Alcohol in Social Drinkers, Alcohol and Nicotine, Various Interventions, Drug Development


34th IMAG Alcohol and Vascular Disease, Neuroscience of Alcohol and Nicotine Interactions, Alcohol and Cancer Epidemiology, Genetics, Youth Drinking


33rd IMAG Alcohol and Cognitive Behaviors, Alcohol and Cardiovascular Disease


32nd IMAG Policy and Public Health Issues on Prevention and Harm Reduction, Drinking and Driving in Australia, Neuroscience of Alcohol, Alcohol and Youth, Special Populations, Alcohol and Nutrition


31st IMAG Alcohol and Cognition, Molecular Mechanisms of Craving


30th IMAG Alcohol and Vascular Disease, Education of Medical Professionals, Treatment Approaches, Alcohol and Driving, Alcohol and Emergency Medicine, Consumption Patterns in the European Union, Genome Mapping


29th IMAG Genetic Background in Response to Alcohol, Advances in Neuroscience, Alcohol-Induced Gastroenterologic Disease, Alcohol and Breast Cancer, Risk and Recovery in Alcohol Dependence, Health Effects of Moderate Consumption, Minimizing Consequences, Challenges in Biomedical Alcohol Research, Challenges in Psychosocial Research

Fostering Alcohol Research Abroad

ABMRF/The Foundation for Alcohol Research is helping to jumpstart global understanding concerning the value of alcohol research. New knowledge in alcohol studies benefits people everywhere, but few countries have the needed infrastructure to support truly successful programs and international colleagues have struggled to obtain separate alcohol funding. In 2011, after exploring connections with preeminent academic researchers in key markets, the Foundation proudly welcomed Brazil and South Africa into the fold.


South African Advisory Council Member

Dr. Dan Stein, professor in the department of psychiatry and mental health and director of the Medical Research Council at the University of Cape Town, was welcomed as a member of the Behavioral and Social Advisory Council. Dr. Stein participates actively with fellow BSAC members in reviewing the pool of grant proposals from applicants in North America and South Africa.


South African Grantees

The Foundation's global impact has grown since the first South African grant was awarded in 2011. Grants have been awarded to investigators at four universities so far, including one each at Stellenbosch University and the University of Limpopo, plus two at the University of Cape Town. 






The International Medical Advisory Group Conferences



   1st  Montebello, Québec, CA   1972 
  2nd Hamilton, Bermuda  1973
   3rd  London, United Kingdom  1974
   4th  Victoria, British Columbia,  CA  1975
   5th  Rosslyn, Virginia, USA  1976
   6th  London, United Kingdom  1977
   7th  Toronto, Ontario, CA  1978
   8th  Melbourne, Australia  1979
   9th  Washington, DC, USA  1980
 10th  Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK  1981
 11th  Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA  1982
 12th  Sydney, Australia  1983
 13th  Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA  1984
 14th  Turnberry, Scotland, UK  1985
 15th  Ottawa, Ontario, CA  1986
 16th  Melbourne, Australia  1987
 17th  Charleston, South Carolina, USA  1988
 18th  Eastbourne, Sussex, UK  1989
 19th  Jasper, Alberta, CA  1990
 20th  Gold Coast, Australia  1991
 21st  La Jolla, California, USA  1992
 22nd  London, United Kingdom  1993
 23rd  Quebéc City, Québec, CA  1994
 24th  Sydney, Australia  1995
 25th  Tucson, Arizona, USA  1996
 26th  Bath, England, UK  1997
 27th  Vancouver, British Columbia, CA  1998
 28th  Melbourne, Australia  1999
 29th  San Francisco, California, USA  2000
 30th  Brussels, Belgium  2002
 31st  Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, CA  2003
 32nd  Canberra, Australia  2004
 33rd  Chicago, Illinois, USA  2005
 34th  Copenhagen, Denmark  2006


 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA

 36rd  Frascati, Italy  2010
 37th  Montréal, Québec, CA   2011
 38th  Amsterdam, The Netherlands  2014