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Future, innovative, and groundbreaking alcohol research depends upon the introduction and invigorating influence of bright, enthusiastic, and capable young scientists entering the field. Pursuing a research career is growing more difficult because of intense competition for increasingly scarce financial resources. It's especially difficult for promising new investigators to receive proper funding.

From its beginning, the Foundation for Alcohol Research has opened the door to these young investigators through its grant program.  Since its founding in 1982, the Foundation has provided alcohol funding to over 500 grantees. Many of today's leaders in the field of alcohol research credit the Foundation for their initial breakthroughs and success. To view the many publications and presentations our grantees have earned in part through the Foundation's support, please see the latest edition of our Research Reference Guide, now indexed by alcohol research subject. Often, our grants provide the impetus for more sustained support from much larger organizations.

The aim of the grant program is to energize the field by helping researchers begin their careers, and position them to attract greater alcohol funding from other sources with the track record resulting from a Foundation grant. 


The Foundation is pleased to announce a new grant opportunity for young investigators from institutions in South Africa.

  • Highest priority is given to young investigators, new to the field or trained in the field, to start a new line of independent research.


  • The next level of priority is given to investigators outside alcohol research bringing an innovative idea to the field.


  • Lowest priority is given to established investigators in the alcohol research field unless the application offers an extraordinary new idea.
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