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Grant Program

ABMRF/The Foundation for Alcohol Research is not accepting applications in 2016. 


Thank you for your interest in our grants program. Due to unexpected changes in funding, ABRMF/The Foundation for Alcohol Research will not be able to commit funds for the research grants program that it has supported since 1982.  Reaching this decision was difficult but necessary after supporters announced that they will not fund the research program after 2015.  Over the next few months, the Board will determine the most appropriate structure and mechanism for ABMRF to continue its mission of supporting research on the effects of alcohol on health and behavior.    



Depending on the nature of the proposed research, applications submitted to the Foundation are reviewed by the Medical Advisory Council or the Behavioral and Social Advisory Council. Grants have been awarded for either one or two years for a maximum of $75,000 for each of the years. 


The Foundation accepts applications for grants to conduct research on the effects of alcohol consumption on health and behavior. The following areas are of greater interest:

  • Studies on how particular patterns of consumption (quantity of alcohol consumed, types of alcoholic beverages consumed, frequency of consumption and context) are related to health and behavioral outcomes.
  • Interdisciplinary, bio-informatics, and other approaches to elucidate genetic and environmental factors that influence the patterns of consumption of alcoholic beverages and related consequences.

The Foundation encourages basic and clinical research, including epidemiology. Examples of research topics include factors influencing underage drinking, mechanisms of alcohol-related organ injury, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, and effects of alcohol on general health.


The Foundation gives preference to young investigators, but does not support students or trainees in pre- or post-doctoral programs. It does not fund thesis or dissertation research. Grants are made to academic and research institutions in the United States, Canada and South Africa, not to individuals. Evidence of support for the investigator from the institution is desirable. 


The Foundation does not support research on treatment of the complications of advanced alcoholism. However, research involving treatment paradigms intended to elucidate the pathogenesis of alcohol-related problems will be considered. Non-research activities such as education projects, public awareness efforts and referral services are not eligible for support.


The Foundation applauds its grant recipients.

Our legacy of success...

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